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August 28th, 2009, 5:49 am

Not Dead Yet

Yo. Sorry for not updating in the longest time (I'm gonna wear this out sooner or later...).

Wanted to let you guys in on a few things. I'm still writing Dark Heaven (I haven't lost intrest) but I want it to be unique than most yaoi comics/manga. But the whole thing I'm doing with the Yuki/Cam relationship is corny, from what I was told. *shrug*

It may be corny now, but you'll see later on that DH isn't all cutesy, you know.

I have some dark things in mind for my characters. Who knows what my mind will release on paper (and in the pen).

I've finished Chp. 3 and 4's script; still drawing/sketching Chp. 3 out (I'm slow, I know).

Sorry for being insensitive and not giving your fix...

*is pelted with tomatoes*

Updates will start sooner or later. >>


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