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This page contains information and terms used in Dark Heaven. For your questions on places or anything, you can read it here. It will be updated once the story progresses forward.

Places spoken of [Chps. 1-3]:

- Persona, Michigan, U.S: Fictional yet futuristic hometown of the characters in the manga. This town nested in the hills of Michigan has gone through many technological advances such as hover cars, hyper ships, and medical supplies.

- Persona Technical College: Technical college where the young characters attend after high school. Cameron Halo, Yuki Kanmura, May Corin, and Angel Carlos along with several others attend the campus. This college is rather large and competes in size with the University of Michigan (which is about 20,965 acres in size). About 3800 students attend here and it is a coed campus. It's school motto is "Learn What You Will And You Will Succeed."

- Persona High School: High school where Cameron Halo and Brandon DeLeone graduated from. Nothing much is revealed about the school only that it's a large school (2-story) and has several students who graduated and attend PTC (Persona Technical College).

- Persona Medical Hospital: Hospital where Cameron Halo was put in for surgery on his hand and where he goes for psychological therapy. He also visited Yuki Kanmura in the Infirmary. A large hospital (50-story) which has technological advances in medicine to date.

- Persona Police Department: Police Department where Jesse Halo works for. A department (10-story) with 480 officers (male and female) along with 40 volunteers who do their best to make their city better.

- Persona Mall: Mall which is the largest building in the city (besides City Hall) that is 4 stories tall and has 100+ stores inside of it. A luxurious place where everyone can come shop for clothes and such. Place where Cameron Halo was captured by his stalker, the Persona Stalker.

- Sutras: Spiritual paper that Yuki used to subdue Cameron's attackers. These sutras, ranging from Levels, are marked with the Kanmura Clan crest (two sixes; one is right-side up, the other is facing the opposite direction) and have been blessed. Calling or invoking the spell to either paralyze, stop, or kill a person (by choice) is its specific use.

- Cafe Blue: A cafe in the business district of Persona. This is where Cameron Halo goes to let off some steam and where he met Father Rayne Estavine (but doesn't realize it at first). A cafe which is known for its amazing (and delicious) cakes, drinks, and exotic atmosphere.