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[GOOD (SO FAR...)]

-Cameron Halo: Age 19. Has long brown hair with burgandy streaks and ocean blue eyes; American nationality. Freshman at Persona Technical College. He is the youngest son of the Halo family. He is currently living at home with his parents while attending the prestigeous school in his futuristic hometown of Persona, Michigan. He has scars from where he almost cut off his fingers (on both hands) after going through a few hours of surgery to sew them back on. He is into the male gender and is the "wet dream" (as he states it) of every pervert (who are either into guys or bisexual) in Persona Technical. Cameron was almost sexually assaulted in Chapter One of the manga but was rescued by Yuki.

Character inspirations: Shuichi Shindo (Gravitation), Kano (Kagarou webmanga)

-Leonardo "Yuki" Kanmura: Age 21. Has shoulder-length dark brown hair and brown eyes; Japanese nationality. Freshman at PTC. He is the youngest son of the Kanmura Clan. He moved to the U.S. in order to broaden his horizons and studies while getting away from his father whom he dislikes. He appears to be lazy (named the "Insomniac Man" by Cameron Halo) and uninterested with what's going on around him, but that changes when his hand touched Cameron's'. A sudden spark shot up their arms, making them pull away. Both of them assumed it was simply static electricity, but Yuki knew it was something else. He also hears Cameron's voice in times of crisis and rushes off to help. He was also the one who rescued Cameron from 3 students who wanted to rape him. Using "sutras", he stopped them (while knocking one unconscious) and saved Cameron, blacking out in his arms.

Character inspirations: Eiri Yuki (Gravitation), Genjyo Sanzo (Saiyuki)

-Miranda "May" Corin: Age 19. Has long blonde hair and green eyes; American nationality. Freshman at Persona Technical College. Youngest daughter of the Corin family. A hyperactive young woman, she is the current president of the Drama Club at Persona Technical. She was the second person to make fast friends with Cameron (the first being Yuki), defending him from the former Disciplinary Group. She tries her best to get Cameron with Yuki while calling them "yaois". She dubbed Cameron the "uke", and Yuki the "seme". She is also an advent Final Fantasy fanatic as she always cosplays as her favorite character Rikku.

Character inspirations: Rikku (Final Fantasy 10), Misa Amane (Death Note)

-Jesse Halo: Age 52. Has short messy brown hair (brown on top; black on bottom) and ocean-blue eyes; American nationality. Commissioner of Persona Police Department. Jesse is Cam's father. He is strict and obsessed with being the best. This obsession got him where he is today. He is also a laid back kind of guy who loves his wife dearly (while getting abused by her in the process). He knows of Cam's liking of boys, but does not interfere with it. It drives him crazy when he sees Cam and Yuki together. But regardless, he respects Yuki for saving his son several times.

Character inspirations: He resembles Bunshichi Tawara from Tenjho Tenge (note the hair style and facial hair).

-Angelina "Angel" Carlos: Age 20. Has shoulder-length black hair with grey streaks and red-violet eyes (looks red); Spanish-American nationality. Freshman at PTC. Oldest daughter of the Carlos family. She just moved from New Mexico to Michigan due to her father's work and attends the technical college. She makes friends with May and Cameron but hardly speaks because of her extremely shy nature (she'll only speak when it's convient). She treats Yuki with the utmost respect (calling him Yuki-sama in Japanese honorifics). She also, like May, is a fan of Final Fantasy but doesn't say who her favorite character is.

Character inspirations: Lulu (Final Fantasy 10), Paine (Final Fantasy 10-2)

-Father Rayne Estavine: Age 31. Has long white (grey) hair and violet eyes; American nationality. Priest of the Vatican. Younger son of the Estavine family. Seen in Chapter 2. He is a traveling priest who works for the Vatican for their more "darker matters". He seems a bit clumsy and clueless at times but his personality changes in times of crisis. He mistook Cameron as a girl. He also saved Cameron from the man who was stalking him and videotaping him for voyeurous means. Rayne, too, has the same spiritual powers that Yuki has but hardly uses them. He says that he would prefer to "stay human, even if it's for a short time."

Character inspirations: Abel Nightroad (Trinity Blood)

-Kaylee Halo: Age 46. Has long black hair and dark blue eyes; American nationality. Housewife/artist/stay-at-home worker and owner of the Halo Cake/Flower Shop. Kaylee is Cam's loving mother. She is very upbeat and outgoing while maintaining a sort of rebel streak with Jesse about her son's sexuality. She works at home on her computer, sending out orders of either flowers or cakes from her own business. She wants what is best for Cameron and doesn't interfere with his life like Jesse tries to.

Character inspiration: Shana (Legend of Dragoon)

[BAD (SO FAR...)]

-PTC Disciplinary Group: Ages 19-23. American nationality. Juniors at PTC. This group: Lan Haynes, Chris Green, and Wes Jackson were the former PTC Disciplinary Group who were convicted of stalking and attempted assault of Cameron Halo. They are now serving time in the Michigan Penitentiary for their reckless actions.

Character inspirations: none

-Persona Stalker: Real name is Lonnie Johnson. Age 24. Has short black hair (part of his bangs are red) and hazel eyes; American nationality. Former student at PHS. Oldest son of the Johnson family. He was the one who was stalking Cameron in Chapter 2. He also injected a tranquilizer into him which rendered him unconscious. He videotaped Cameron crying and teased him. He apparently knows the 3 who attempted to rape him, saying that "those idiots got horny and couldn't wait". He was knocked out by Father Rayne's "sleep by touch spell" and arrested.

Character inspirations: None