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Welcome to Dark Heaven

Contains boy/boy content.

Two star-crossed boys--one fated to become a powerful deity, another fated to be the sacrifice of the Human Realm...Can Cam and Yuki overcome their ill fates, people sent to kill them, and a woman who wishes to expose them?

As seen on theOtaku.com!

Updates randomly.


16 Mar 2010 02:20 pm

Change of face

Hello, everyone.

I'm considering rewriting the Dark Heaven story. It seems a bit cliche and I want to start something fresh. I need to rewrite every character's back story and make the storyline itself very interesting (but it was regardless, no?).

Anyway, it seemed that I started hastily (to see that I would and could make a yaoi webmanga), I didn't have a set storyline, or characters (except for Cam and Yuki).

I hope that this doesn't change the fans' feelings about the comic. Hopefully, Dark Heaven will be back--and better than ever.


28 Aug 2009 05:49 am

Not Dead Yet

Yo. Sorry for not updating in the longest time (I'm gonna wear this out sooner or later...).

Wanted to let you guys in on a few things. I'm still writing Dark Heaven (I haven't lost intrest) but I want it to be unique than most yaoi comics/manga. But the whole thing I'm doing with the Yuki/Cam relationship is corny, from what I was told. *shrug*

It may be corny now, but you'll see later on that DH isn't all cutesy, you know.

I have some dark things in mind for my characters. Who knows what my mind will release on paper (and in the pen).

I've finished Chp. 3 and 4's script; still drawing/sketching Chp. 3 out (I'm slow, I know).

Sorry for being insensitive and not giving your fix...

*is pelted with tomatoes*

Updates will start sooner or later. >>


12 Apr 2009 10:38 am

Late (as usual...)

I really don't know if anyone reads these things...

But anyway! I've been busy as of March 2009 because of school demanding my attention (and because I'm lazy). Forgive me for my actions, really...

So, sorry for the slow-moving updates.

Chapter 2 will start soon (I swear). Enjoy seeing Yuki embracing a crying Cameron. TTYL.

16 Mar 2009 11:29 pm

2-Page Update

2 page update. Chapter 2's nearing it's end now and the rest is silence...

Until Wednesday or Thursday of this week. *shrug* TTYL.

19 Oct 2008 10:09 pm

School's Killing Me x.x

Sorry...is kicking my ass, and winning.

I'm trying to finish up my senior project of Macbeth and I have no idea what to do with it...wish me luck with that. Expect more updates of DH soon.


11 Oct 2008 04:28 am


Well, I finally got this up...after a year of waiting. :P But anyway, I hope you like this as much as I do. But expect 2-3 pages a day (extra updates) later on.

Kind of a short news post, but TTYL. >D

PS: And I know the name 'Yuki' is worn out...A LOT And this will be boy/boy content...

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